Poker Packages

Looking for a fun party theme that gets everyone involved? Why not hold a poker party at your house? Poker is booming in popularity these days, and the great thing is, no matter what standard you are, you can still join in.

At Unleashed, we have experienced poker dealers, who can save you the trouble of shuffling and dealing, and also teach people the rules if they aren’t sure. This allows you and your mates to kick back and enjoy playing poker, without all the hassles that go with it!

If you’re really feeling lazy, why not compliment this with a couple of our topless waitresses, who can bring you drinks while you’re waiting for that monster hand! And if things are slow, sneak a peak to keep your enjoyment levels sky high!!

Find it hard to organise the event? Then choose one of our great packages to make your night a memorable one! We can take care of the entertainment, the venue and the beverages…
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